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HER & OER Catalyst

RuC2N’s metal-organic catalyst have shown outstanding activity for electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) both in acid and alkaline media

HER (Hydrogen Evolution Reaction) is a crucial step for the water splitting to meet the future energy demands. We are the first to fabricate the most active HER catalyst other than commercial Pt/C.

The first two methods (SMR & CG) generate the carbon (C) and carbon dioxide (CO2), the major contributor of green-house-effect, global warming and subsequent drastic changes in the earth ecology. That is why the future of hydrogen production must be shifted to water electrolysis.

Commercial Hydrogen Production Commercial Hydrogen Production

RuC2N’s catalysts show outstanding HER activity compared to most active commercial Pt/C. Electrocatalytic water splitting with these catalysts can convert electricity into storable hydrogen. The fascinating and clean energy conversion technology strives for fossil fuel’s problems including climatic and depletion issues.

For the practical applications the sluggish HER and oxygen evolution reactions (OER), the electrocatalysts should work at minimal overpotential for the eventual efficient energy conversion. RuC2N’s catalysts show better overpotentials for delivering a current density of 10 mA cm−2 both in alkaline and acidic media compared to commercial Pt/C with excellent stability.

Schematic representation of water splitting technology
related reaction pathways

Current available RuC2N Catalysts for HER: Ru@C2N, Ru@GnP, Ru@CB, Ru@CNT, Ir@CON.

HER & OER Catalyst